Project Description

Daily Mirror, Wednesday 28.11.2012 (edited)

Britain has been battled by fierce storms over the last few weeks – so now it’s more important than ever to make sure your home is well maintained for the Winter months.

Whilst Winter is often viewed through the warming glow of the excitement of Christmas and New Year celebrations, ensuring that your home is protected from the elements can often be overlooked.  Don’t wait until guests arrive to stay in the spare bedroom for the holiday to discover damp and mould problems, act now to make sure your home is well prepared.

Many people often gloss over damp issues thinking that the problem involves too much upheaval to the inside of their house to correct, and ignore the issue as the perceived easiest option.  If the constant worry of damp is getting you down, then you need to take action as it won’t go away by itself.  If left untreated damp can damage the very fabric of our home.

If DIY is your forte or you don’t mind re-decorating, then could be a great place to start. David Prince of says the winter weather can also mean the unwelcome return of damp and mould problems.  Left untreated, these can quickly escalate.  David says: “Older, poorly insulated properties are particularly vulnerable.  “Improving heating, ventilation and insulation are the most effective solutions.”

Why not start today.  By following these simple top tips, you can start to minimise the risks of damp and mould to your health and home.

  • Move your furniture away from cold walls.
  • Keep a steady temperature throughout your home.
  • Open windows often.
  • Fit extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Always use mould resistant paint.