Project Description

So Solid Crew!

Professional Builder guides you through the installation of a new internal insulation system for solid walls.

It was during a tea break from their daily routine of solving damp problems that brothers David and Steven Prince came up with an idea which would completely dominate their waking hours for the next five years.  The problem was one only too familiar amongst the UK’s housing stock – namely how to effectively insulate internal solid walls.

David takes up the story: “On that particular day we were faced with the dilemma of trying to insulate a solid wall suffering from mould problems.  There was limited space to install any form of insulation, particularly around the staircase, and the only products we could find on the market at that time were not really up to the job.  Certainly, more DIY than a professional looking finish, which we wouldn’t have been happy to put our company’s name to.”

With over 60 years combined experience in the building and damp trades, the pair were ideally placed to spot a genuine gap in the market and started experimenting with a number of different products, alongside the running of their successful business, Abbott Damp Proofing, which operates throughout London.

Explains David: “It’s fair to say that it was a lot more fraught than we first imagined.  We came up against a whole range of different obstacles, both technical and manufacturing related along the way, but working together we sort of drove each other on to keep finding solutions.  And after almost five years of intensive research and development, several prototypes and rigorous on site testing, I am happy to confirm that Ultrotherm has now made its way to market.”

It’s still early days but already, the feedback from contractors who have seen how effectively and simply the system goes together, has been tremendous.  There really is nothing else like it on the market, and with so many existing properties in need of an insulation upgrade, the potential is absolutely massive,” enthuses Steven.  The brotherly love is clearly about to be spread far and wide!