Guarantee claim assessment

Please complete the online form to make a guarantee claim. Claims can only be made against valid guarantees. We make a charge of £166.00 plus vat (£199.20) for assessing a guarantee claim. The fee is refunded if the claim is validated.

We make a charge to cover some of our costs in assessing a guarantee claim. It may be the case that a problem is not related to the work we carried out.
Payment is required at the time the guarantee claim assessment is requested. The assessment will usually take place 7-10 days following submission of the request
Yes. Payment is usually refunded using the same method by which the payment was made.
Assessments are usually carried out by one of our qualified surveyors.
The surveyor will assess the problems against the work covered by our guarantee. To do this the surveyor will apply his experience supported by various tests where necessary. In some cases the surveyor will carry out calcium carbide tests which require a small number of 15mm diameter holes to be drilled into affected walls. If this is the case the holes will not be filled by the surveyor.
We will provide you with a report detailing the findings of the assessment and advise you whether or not the claim has been validated.

Our reputation for integrity has been built on over 30 years of trading and we would not harm this by treating a client unfairly over a guarantee claim. We would hope that one of the reasons we were chosen to carry out the work initially was because of our reputation for honesty.

Hi David, “Thank you for your generosity. You are an honest and true gentleman who treats his customers with respect and bends over backwards to resolve any issues. We would not hesitate to recommend you. Again, thank you”.

Ian, Derbyshire. Comments taken with permission from an e-mail following a guarantee claim.

In certain circumstances we will agree to you choosing your own surveyor to carry out the claim assessment. There is however strict criteria regarding suitable surveyors and the cost is likely to be significantly higher than our charge. Surveyors must be listed on the Property Care Association website as an independent surveyor and must carry out tests in accordance with our instructions. For damp assessments calcium carbide tests must be undertaken. A report must be provided to us in the format we require. We reserve the right not to accept a surveyor without disclosing a reason for doing so. Any costs you incur using third party surveyors are not refundable. If you choose your own surveyor then we will make a non-refundable administration charge of £50.00 plus vat payable in advance. We also reserve the right to carry out our own assessment.
If the claim is not validated we will take no further action. In certain circumstances we will advise you regarding how to resolve the problems assessed.
If the claim is validated we will arrange to carry out the necessary remedial work under the terms of the guarantee certificate free of charge. The work will be carried out under the original guarantee and no further guarantee will be issued. The claim assessment fee will be refunded unless you chose your own surveyor.
We will enter in to a limited amount of dialogue at our discretion. Your statutory rights are not affected by our claims procedure.
Where damp proof course re-plastering work has been carried out by a contractor instructed by our client or their representatives we obtain confirmation from our client that the work conforms to our specification. We also make our client aware of the importance of following our re-plastering specification and the consequences of not doing so. If we determine a problem with the damp proof course is attributable to another contractor’s work we will advise you of this and we will not accept a guarantee claim.
GPI guarantees protect you in the event of a company ceasing to trade. You should therefore follow our normal claims procedure.