Guarantee transfers

Please note guarantees must be transferred within 28 days of taking ownership of a property. Only valid guarantees can be transferred. The cost of transferring a guarantee is typically £120.00 plus vat (£144.00).  You will typically receive your guarantee certificate by e-mail within 10 days. We will contact you to collect payment or if for any reason we are unable to transfer the guarantee.

Once we have received the completed form and payment, we will issue a new guarantee certificate in the new owner’s name, covering the remaining period of the original guarantee. We will also forward a copy of any relevant documentation we have on file. In the unlikely case a guarantee cannot be transferred then we will advise you and fully refund the fee paid.
The fee we charge covers our administration costs and helps us maintain our guarantee system.
No. Only the owner of a property can request a guarantee be reassigned or make a claim. Any enquiries regarding the guarantee should be made through the owner of the property.
Only valid guarantees can be transferred. A guarantee may not be valid for a number of reasons but most commonly when the new owner of a property has chosen not to reassign it.