Information terms and conditions


Our report and any quotation provided remains valid for a period of 3 calendar months from the date of issue. Our report should not be relied upon after this period.

All information sheets, specifications, and conditions of contract are taken as agreed to by the client should Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd be allowed to commence work on site.

Although every effort will be made to start and complete an installation or treatments within agreed schedules, Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd cannot accept responsibility for losses incurred due to delays.

There will be mess associated with the works and although we will sweep through the treatment rooms, a certain amount will undoubtedly remain. Dust may settle for several days following treatment. Further cleaning costs are not included in our quotation. A ‘builder’s clean’ is offered by cleaning companies and should be considered following remedial work involving re-plastering.

No responsibility can be taken by Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd for any damage to electrical wiring or plumbing piping, valves, etc. (including gas) caused during the work.

Where the property to be treated is in a Conservation Area or is Statutorily Listed, the client should inform the relevant authority and obtain their permission before treatment commences. Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd will assume that such permission has been obtained if instructed to proceed.

Good ventilation should be maintained for a period of 48 hours following all remedial treatments.

Following the completion of a damp proof course installation the drying out period is generally 9 – 12 months for a wall of double brick thickness. Drying out is however subject to ventilation and weather conditions.

Party Walls

Where a party wall is to be treated the client should obtain written permission from the neighbouring property owner(s)/occupant(s) involved under the terms of The Party Wall Act 1996.  Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd will assume permission has been obtained if instructed to proceed with such works.

Where the thickness of a party wall exceeds a single brick thickness, treatment will be limited to single brick thickness. Any bridging of dampness from the part of wall not treated treatment will not be covered by our guarantee. Should treatment be required to a party wall thickness exceeding single brick thickness, Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd must be notified in writing and reserves the right to refuse to carry out such work.

Client’s preparation work

All treatment areas must be cleared of carpets, furniture and electrical goods prior to treatment taking place. No responsibility can be accepted by Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd for damage to any items remaining in treatment rooms during the course of the work. No allowance is made in our quotations for the removal or refitting of any kitchen units, wall tiling or appliances.

Skirting boards

We will refit skirting boards free of charge if they are in good condition. If skirting boards are not suitable for refitting (due to decay, woodworm or damage during removal), we can provide a quotation to fit new ones under separate contract. New skirting boards should not be fitted until the plaster has dried (around 4 weeks).

If the property has tiled skirtings then the client must make separate arrangements to remove the tiles before work is commenced and make good afterwards.

Radiators, plumbing fitments and fitted units

Where applicable, radiators, plumbing fitments and fitted units should be removed prior to commencement of works.


Normal re-decoration cannot be carried out for a minimum of six months following damp proof course installation. As a temporary measure, a single coat of water-based matt emulsion paint can be applied after 3 – 4 weeks.

Removing plaster and re-plastering work is likely to cause damage to the decoration on adjacent wall and ceiling areas. Redecoration following re-plastering work may therefore be significantly more extensive than simply the immediate area re-plastered.


Once the remedial work has been completed and full payment has been made, you must register your guarantee on our website within 28 days of the completion date. We reserve the right to make an administration charge for late registration of guarantees.

If you have carried out your own damp proof course re-plastering work you must use the RendX plastering system for us to issue a guarantee.

Guarantees are issued subject to the property being maintained in a sound and weatherproof condition.  Guarantees are limited to the treatment undertaken and the supporting RendX plaster system where used. Any tampering with the remedial work will invalidate the guarantee.

In the event of a claim made against any guarantee issued for work completed, Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd reserve the right to charge a claim assessment fee, only refunding the fee should a claim be validated.

Guarantee periods:

Treatments Guarantee periods
Damp proof course 20 years
Salt damp (plastering) 5 years
Woodworm treatment 20 years
Dry rot treatment 20 years
Wet rot treatment 20 years
Basement waterproofing 10 years
Ultrotherm insulation 10 years
Heat recovery ventilation 2 years (extendable up to 10 years)
Ultro-flow fans 2 years (extendable up to 10 years)
Extractor fans 2 years
Ultrovent passive vents 10 years (filter mist be cleaned or replaced as necessary)

Independent GPI 10-year insurance-backed guarantees are also available for damp proofing & timber treatment work subject to payment of the appropriate premium and IP tax.

Heat recovery units and Ultro-flow fans require annual servicing. The current servicing costs are available by contacting our office.

Guarantees certificates can be viewed on the guarantee registration page on our website.


Removing plaster to the lower wall areas may highlight problems in the plaster above. We will advise you if this is the case and offer a further quotation if required.

Salt bands of dampness occurring in plasterwork above or adjacent to new plaster applied by Abbott Damp Proofing Ltd can typically be remedied by the application of ‘Zinsser B-I-N’ stain block as part of the re-decorating process. Such work is not covered by our guarantee.

It is not uncommon for drying out cracks to appear in new plaster. Any cracks should be filled as part of the re-decorating process.

Payment terms

We require a 50% deposit to confirm an order for work. The balance is due on the day the work is completed.

If work is to be commenced within 30 days of your instruction, then you are required to waive your cancellation rights. If work is cancelled within 30 days of the commencement date but more than 7 days before the commencement date, we will retain 20% of the deposit to cover our costs and lost revenues. If work is cancelled 7 days or less days from the commencement date, we will retain the full deposit paid. You can cancel a contract by completing the form on our website or by writing to us at our head office, retaining proof of posting.

Late payments

Our offer of long-term guarantee is withdrawn for payments more than 7 days after we advise you of the completion of work. ‘Snagging’ work and minor adjustments should not be considered to extend the payment deadline. The statutory guarantee is not affected.

We reserve the right to seek reimbursement of all reasonable costs incurred in pursuing full payment of any outstanding monies under the contract entered in to.