Wood boring beetles (woodworm) can attack any untreated timbers within a building. New timbers are also susceptible due to the high starch content found in the sapwood of young trees. With the current high levels of demand for timber, trees are not allowed the growing time necessary that leads to a greater natural resistance to wood boring beetle and fungal attack.

We offer a range of guaranteed remedial treatments for the eradication of wood boring beetles in structural timbers (roof timbers, floors and staircases). Treatments vary according to timber and beetle type.

Remedial treatment typically involves the spraying of affected timbers using water-based insecticide. Larger dimension timbers or hardwoods may require more extensive treatment. In each case, treatment is designed to break the life-cycle of the wood boring beetles to prevent re-infestation.

There are a number of types of wood boring beetles found in our buildings including Common Furniture Beetle, Death Watch Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle and Wood Boring Weevil. Wood boring beetles generally attack timbers with a high moisture content.

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